Eylul is the gloomy story of a young man named Yusuf. Eylul is a stunning life sequence in an atmosphere which focuses on the female-male relations in Yusuf’s limited life.

    Yusuf’s wife (Asli) is hospitalized because of a lung disease. This introvert woman falls into severe pessimism being suspicious of cancer. Her fear of death and loneliness is so strong that she doesn’t share her troubles with her husband, thereby dragging him into loneliness. And the couple starts becoming estranged to each other. They seem as if they can’t reach each other despite the strong connection between them.

    At this point, the couple meets a young woman (Elena) at the hospital. Elena is an unfortunate woman who struggles for life and suffers at the hands of merciless people. Indeed, she is hospitalized due to the violent actions of the man she lives with. She spends two days at the hospital with Asli, yet she gets in touch with Yusuf again a few days later. She is in grave trouble, and she has nobody else to call except for Yusuf.